Taken from the Tome of Ascension.....

Herein is a brief history of Lord Worcester and the Temple of Death

Born on the 23rd Day of First Growth in the year 111 under the sign of Sneakyrs the Opportune, Worcester was a natural at the arts of magick. This ability in the arcane arts was to cause early tragedy in his life. As a boy of about 6, he was dabbling in his room with some new chants his father had taught him. Concentrating intently, Worcester attempted to light a candle on his study desk with one of the incantations. Unfortunately, one of the words of power he chanted was incorrectly intoned and the resulting fireblast that was unleashed destroyed the family home, killing his parents and older brother. Worcester somehow survived the blast, badly burnt and scarred. Looking at the destruction he had caused by his error, he vowed to master the arts completely, never again to inadvertantly mispronounce a word or incorrectly wave a finger.

With this, he set off towards the distant city of Tranos, home of the fabled Warlocks, to learn from the masters of this guild. Years of study and hard work saw him become a young man of considerable ability, but his early years had taken their toll. His drive towards mastery of the arts had seen him age prematurely, looking more like a man of 50 than the 18 year old he actually was. Normally working alone, not trusting others enough to form friendships, Worcester did, however, occasionally adventure with others, using them to his own advantage. It was through this that he met Vagma. Vagma saw the drive, ambition and greed in the young man and recruited him to his temple. Over time, Worcester became Guild Master of the Warlocks, serving in this capacity between the years 131 to 138. At the beginning of 138, Worcester ascended to the ranks of Hero, working in the Temple of Dread and furthering the will of Vagma. Worcester served Lord Vagma faithfully for 4 years, putting all his efforts into the temple, until one day a personal matter arose that forced him to depart Dread. Worcester wandered the lands, lost and without purpose, for some 3 months, searching for a new direction in his life. During this time of reflection, he realised that whilst most of his life he had tended to use his powers for personal gain and self-satisfaction, he had, his whole life, been involved with and dedicated to magick. This new understanding of himself led him to join the temple of Davar, Immortal of Magic.

He served Davar for just over a year before a massive invasion of Undead swarmed over Terris. Mortals died left and right under this onslaught and it was determined that Reknall, Lord of the Dead headed the invasion force. Worcester, seeing an opportunity, fought Reknall in single combat. The battle was mighty and lasted several days, but eventually Worester prevailed over Reknall. However, all was not as it seemed and Reknall wispered to Worcester with his last breath "Thankyou my friend, for releasing me from this curse...". With that, Reknall died and Worcester became the new Lord of the Dead, cursed to rule the Underworld and the Dead. Worcester railed against the curse, and to this day, seeks to free himself from the shackles that bind him to the Underworld.

Read here, Lord Worcester's last words to those who followed him.....

A silence falls over the lands as the various folks of Terris realise what has recently transpired. The curse of Death has been lifted from Worcester, but Worcester himself did not survive the ordeal, leaving this land and moving into the heavens.

A sound of sobbing breaks the silence and you look behind you at a little child crying into their hands. "What shall become of us without the lord of the dead?" wails the child in despair.

"We shall continue his fight and further his cause" you tell the child, trying to control your own emotions at this worst of times.

"We all must strive for the values that he instilled in us, lest what he gave us be lost to the lands"

With wooden movements, you walk off, your stride picking up as your resolve hardens into resolute purpose....

Farewell my friends, you all shall be missed greatly. This temple has been a standard bearer for the lands and it should continue to be so.

A log of my departure is available from me for any who wish a copy of it.

Be well in all ye do, especially the reaping!

Departed Worcester, resident of the Heavens.

Herein find the memories that those who followed him have of their departed Lord....  Templar's memories