Kyasha wraps her robes close about her, and bows her head solemnly. Making an elaborate gesture, the scenery fades, and you look to see yourself transported in a rose garden. A dazzling array of colorful flowers as climbing rose vines mingle with roses of every type surround you. There is an arbor in the center with hanging vines overhead. The environment fills you with peace and serenity. The sorceress blinks and raises her eyes to you.

"Greetings, and welcome t'the Crystal Castle, the humble abode o' the Magi."

She motions to a white stone bench beside you.

"Pray ye, take a seat. I shall tell ye o' dearest Hearthome..this garden within the Temple o' Magic be dedicated t'her."

She pauses to gesture around the garden, then smiles sadly, with a distant gaze in her eye.

"I remember when I first met Heart. I twas a wee lass playing about the keep. Always with a deaf ear I be n dinnae take caution t'its dangers. And so it happened I twas an unfortunate corpse quite often. Hearthome, she twas nae a druid then mind ye, twould be a generous one n restore m'life. Through forces o' magicks she wielded, summonin m'to Tranny Adventurer's Guild n chant incantations, mendin m'wounds n bringin m'back t'the realm o' the livin."

Kyasha sighs softly and continues.

"Years later after Hearthome ascended t'heroine, Dagda left the lands. Heart sought another family in which she could resume her druidic ways. Magic twas a path she choose. I twas one o' the lucky peeps present t'witness the interview. We took a fancy t'her early on - she twas always there t'cheer us iffen we were in low spirits, offer a helpin hand, an ear t'listen. Heart held the most delightful scavenger hunts and events, always bringing the family closer together."

She touches her hollowed dragon earrings absentmindedly.

"Hearthome twas love, hope, joy. She brought happiness t'many n twas a good friend. I pray the gods keep her safe n that she tis well."

With that, Kyasha whispers arcane words of magic and disappears. A faint wind blows through the garden, and you catch the sound of a flute in the breeze.

These be the events that came about, Heart's farewell taken from the Terris Tribune..

Tragedy in the Temple of Magic

Scribed the Morning of Day 6 of Deori's Pleasure, Year 162

HP Maugen has been researching of the Great Conjecture in an olden tome. After days of translating, he was able to decipher the ancient script and study the Great Conjecture, a time of the alignment of stars. Through a dangerous ritual, one would be able to harness the power of the Conjecture and control the Void. The Void lies beyond Lord Davar's influence.

Lore of the Ritual fell into the wrong hands, that of Zulthar D'Cath, a dark elf lord that wrecks havoc upon the Temple of Magic. What grudge he bears against us is unclear. He is a very cryptic man, but is determined to see the Temple fall into ruins. Zulthar kidnapped our beloved Heroine Hearthome and imprisoned her in the ancient void. The Magi have been working diligently to return her home. The tome revealed a counter ritual, but was incomplete, missing four vital words of power. We sought to find these words, and the quest was long and strenuous.

Lord Davar exhausted himself by attempting to open a portal to the void, and had to return to the realm of magic to recuperate. Horrible beasts emerged from the portal and slayed ranks of Magi. Zulthar continued threaten us, even attacked and desecrated the Crystal Castle, but we held steadfast to our cause. His minions intruding into the temple were dispatched by the grace of Davar and Wolf.

We were able to recover the four words with the aid of many folk, clues and hints leading to the location of another word. When all four words were gathered, we made our way into the depths of the dark elf temple. The counter ritual was performed by Fistilin, though a bit fuzzy in the head, a true planeswalker capable of handling such portals.

With strength provided from the realm of Magic, Davar assisted Fistilin in opening the portal. Hearthome's shadow came forth, bearing her farewells to the saddened Magi and druids alike. "You have the knowledge, the teachings, everything, in your hearts. I love you all. It doesn't matter where you are, or who you are. If it is in your heart to serve, you will find a way. And if love is there, nothing can stop you. Ever." With those words of she left us, Fistilin also disappearing with the closing of the portal.

The Conjunction had passed. The realm suffers a great loss with the passing of our heroine from this land. But we must remember she lives in another, happy and free. We pray she fares well there and hope to try to rescue her again. Fistilin's whereabouts are not known, he has not been seen since the ritual. We are very grateful to him, for the risk he undertook. An earlier endeavor of Fistilin's accidentally opened a portal into a Kingdom far away, bringing Heroine Elaina from it. We apologize to her and welcome her into our fold. She will be under our care until the day we can return her home.

~Temple Reporter Kyasha
Adept of Magic
Saviour of the Damned


I know that many have memories of Hearthome that they would like to share.  I ask that ye send them to me so that more can share in them.