All grows silent...even the wind dies down and bird stop chirping.

Your mind fills with unbelievable pain. Your heart fills with sorrow.  You feel great torment and anguish knowing you can do nothing but watch the images in your mind. Pain, suffering, sorrow and all the feelings that hinder one are seen. You scream out wanting to be free of them. What do they mean? Why are you feeling them now? The pain!! The Sorrow!! ARGH you scream.

"Somebody help me!" you scream. You look around but see no one to help.

All grows quiet again but the beating of your heart. Thump Thump Thump.

The town crier screams out "Giga is leaving!! Giga is leaving!!"

With a crack of lightning the clouds swirl up into a giant Portal in the sky.

Many remember the portal. The one that took Giga before. Something feels strange.

Silence is golden...for the few moments that there is silence your mind rests a bit.

Giga shouts "Good people of Terris...tis sad for me to say this. I must Depart the lands."  Giga shouts again "I have come to the brink of my pain and sorrow. I have took more then I can handle. I can take no more. It has driven me past crazy. Most of all it took my heart."

With that Giga closes his eyes and takes a deep sigh. Stares up at the portal and begins to take the long walk to it. You notice the pain in his eyes. The sorrow on his face.

Images of the Gods appear looking down from Theras. Their tears turn into rain.

Their sighs become the wind. Their moans the thunder. Their anger the rumbling of the ground.

People form groups to stop Giga....but none can succeed. The pain and sorrow return.

What is he trying to tell you? Why does he make you feel his pain, see what he sees?  "WHY" you scream. You think to yourself and think maybe he is showing how not to be.  How not to make the same mistakes as he did. You begin to cry also.

Time passes and so does your hope and will. Giga is now upon the portal. The time has come.

With a deep sigh Giga turns and gives one last look at his home....Terris.  A clap of thunder is heard as Giga steps through the portal speechless... The portal swirls to a close and silence returns...the once golden silence now painful silence.  The rain slowly stops as the Gods retreat from their lookout point in Theras.

The words "Death becomes us all, Said the Sparrow as the wind died and its wings folded"  Reach into your mind. Then Giga's voice is heard.... "Never forget the things I have done...the things that make life and let be... if you do this perhaps your path can be true unlike mine.... but remember one thing... there are few things in life that we don't need.. one of those we need more then anything is... hope for the future and better things...farewell all...farewell..."  With that Giga's image and voice fade from the realm....forever.  The legacy of Giga ends here. The chapter's close has come...his book was written and finished..

Giga's final wish......  Take care everyone. Godspeed in the future (sigh) (waves)