"As I look upon the lands one last time, before my spirit returns to the Creator, I see the loyal followers of Opportunity, gathered to share these last moments as a family.

Opportunity sometimes reaches to us in strange ways.....we do not always understand the paths it leads us too. My opportunity came, to heal my beloved Worcester of his curse, and I took it gladly, knowing full well that his healing would bring about my death in the lands.

Sometimes we must sacrifice all to gain a higher ambition.This I did, and regret it not, except that I must leave the family I love behind.

I will keep my memories of you all alive in my heart, and have been proud and honored to be with you for the time we had together."

Elantara's spirit fades to a gentle whisper on the breeze.


A gentle breeze flows through the air, and you somehow feel Elantara's blessings flow through you one last time.

I will miss you sorly M'lady. My life will never be the same and I don't know what I shall do. I really dont even know what to say bseides I will always hold you in my heart and I shall carry the tales of greatness always to the youths to Terris. I truly worshipped you more then any other.

As I said I don't know what to say. It is hard for me to express the esteem in which I hold you. I hope I can make it through this period and wish the best to all others of the temple.

I will miss this "thing" that we had together and hope you all can find your ways to your just places. Goodbye my fair lady may your future be bright and your opportunities plentiful.

Old World Magus Sond
Priest of Ambition
Mage of Davar

M'Lady Elantara...

Yer passing from this realm has brought a wave of sadness that will be suffered by all... yer immortality stands... for in yer presence ye created an immortality that will last longer then the seas or their sands.

For ye are of immortality in heart and soul... as ye will hold yer beloved in yer arms forever, so shall ye be held in the hearts and minds of those ye've touched.

From now and into the hereafter, yer presence shall nae be forgotten... for ye shall transend time and distance to always ... always guide the path of Oppurtunity.

Sensei Sister Dalia Adventurer

I feel a great sense of loss at M'lady's message. I shall cherish the memories of her encouragement and strive to remain an opportunist for her too.

Master vampire 4B Acolyte of Ambition

Your departure will leave the lands never the same M'lady. May you be find happiness wherever it may be that you seek your ambitions.

And many thanks for the guidance you gave me, wihtout your teachings and help I never would have found my way from dread to my hearts true ambition.

Lady of the Storm Sorcia,
Acolyte of Ambition

M'lady Elantara, I will deeply miss ye. For now that your gone you've taken apart of me with you that I will never forget.

We all just need to take the memories we have and Cherish them.


Lady Elantara,

When I read your post on leaving the realm, I was greatly shocked and saddened. It is quite hard to believe that you have departed, but did so on such an important gain. I will never forget you, M'Lady. It was perhaps the greatest Opportunity I have ever had yet to be a part of your temple. May your Ambitions shine wherever your spirit may continue. Farewell...

- Saros, Free Spirit

Dalizin sits down and removes parchment and quill from his pack..he thinks upon what he has just witnessed and begins to write....


From the depths of her heart
flowed beauty.
A kind soul who looked to others
before looking to herself
She strode the lands and brought
a smile wherever she went.
In times of trouble and doubt
she stood and offered oppurtuntiy
to those in the lands.
Her appearance
gracing us all with a look
at pure lovliness.
With her departure
the sun seems less bright
and the world
seems just that much harder
to deal with
But when we miss her
we have but to look
into the night skies
and see her smiling down
upon our souls

Warrior Poet Dalizin ,As commisioned by Lady Thesmorphia as a gift to Elantara

"Just wanted to ye to know how well respected and loved by all your are. Ye and yer dear husband are greatly missed, and the lands are quite somber this day, and shall be for a long time. I salute you greatly as m'superior, I bow to you out of humble respect, I hug you, out of friendship, and devout admiration. You will be missed M'lady Elantara!"

Ashkelon shouts out Carpe Diem!! and ventures forth to seize his own day, as Elantara would have wanted.

"I encourage ye all, to seek out what ambitions ye have, and fullfill them, in remembrance of Elantara and her husband Worcester! Go forth and make her proud! This I charge to each and every one of ye!"

A quiet shaman enters the room. Her robes whispering across the floor as she moves to its center to request a moment to speak.

"Forgive me. I wished to come to the one place I know would feel the loss I too feel this day. As my guild Patron I know though I shall miss our Lady deeply that what you all must be feeling now is a deeper loss still. I pray for you dearest brothers and sisters. For each of you and our Lady.

I wanted to come among you all and share the candles lighting that shall be in homage to Lady Elantara."

Pulling free from her pack an enchanted candle wrapped in silk. She frees it from the protective casing and bows her head as soft prayers are whispered from her lips. As the wick glows and burns into life with a dancing flame, she opens her eyes and looks around.

"Dearest Lady Elantara, peace be with you in the heavens where you roam. May the smile of The One always be upon you. But know that we light this candle in your name. May it light the path back to us here who hold our arms open awaiting and hoping that one day you shall return. Blessed be those who served you well...and find their path in your glory this day forward."

Bowing her head once again, she bends and sets the candle within the center of the room, quietly moving away. Its light shining like a burning star.

Candles Keeper

Lights two candles in the name of Lord Worcester and the lovely Lady Elantara and places them with the one still burning for Lord Themis.

"Greetings Opportunists...

Pardon my intrusion on your board, I know only too well how difficult it can be to lose yer immortal. I hope ye do nae mind if I add my wishes of farewell, admiration and love for Elantara to yer own.

I have known Elantara all of my life in the lands.. as my brother did before that. I remember my brother, a young lad of about 18 years, venturing forth from town for the first time and entering the glade near Devardec, finding himself surrounded by the most radiant ladies he'd ever seen. Bracing himself for rejection, he took the opportunity to ask the fair Elantara for a dance... and she graced him with a lovely waltz, her footsteps gliding over the grass so beautifully he thought her the most divine being ever -- twas wonderful foresight, methinks.

Eventually my brother set forth on other journeys and I began to make my own way in this world, wandering the forests til I found and joined the Rangers Guild.. How happy was I when Elantara became heroine, and then -- what Luck! -- she came to the Giant Redwood, serving our often-difficult guild with dedication and as usual, a grace beyond measure. She was invaluable during my tenure as GM -- a rocky one to be sure. Particularly with Lord Worcester at her side, helping to ::cough:: maintain order...

In my temple of Lore as well, Elantara proved herself again a wonderfully committed, caring heroine. Working more often than not on her own, she set an example that I've tried to emulate in my own dealings with all who I meet in the realm. From that first dance in the glade to her time as heroine and immortal, she was always generous of spirit and kindness. For that, and so many other things, I will remember her."

Gazes up into the star-filled heavens and offers a silent prayer of happiness to one who was so dear.

A Saddened Ranger, former Lorer, and Heroine,


M'lady Elantara

Thank you for all you have done for me. Your guidance and the freedom you gave me to pursue my own ambitions has made me a stronger and more self assured individual. I have been very happy in the temple with you and with my brethern. I shall never forget it. I will not allow myself to feel anger or sadness at your leaving, as I did when Sharqua left, but will view it as an opportunity for my life to continue on a new path. This should make you proud. I do it not only for myself but in your memory. May your star shine bright forever and always.



Elantara was an inspiration, and her memory inspires me still, to pursue ever increasing goals. She has taught me to require of myself a higher standard in all that I do. As the tears slowly fade and the grief begins to lose it's piercing edge, in that very place of my heart, a strength forms. Her memory flows within my blood and the obstacles that once opposed me shall be overcome by the fire of all she has left behind in me. I can hear her voice still and though when she spoke the heavens would

shake, her voice was always a sincere whisper of soothing reassurance. Elantara had the kind of love and strength that pulled others into herself, not a selfish love but rather a love that helped one become oneself. I could say so many things but i'll only say this: If i could compose the words or notes to describe in fullest detail the beauty of Elantara, no-one who read that score would ever grow sick or old.


It was with great shock and sadness, that I read of my Lady Elantara departing from these lands, and regret that I did not get to know her better in the short time I have been a proud member of this Temple. Yet what is certain is that she made an impression on me that will remain through my life in these great lands. I am too stunned to consider where my path lies for now, but what is certain, is that wherever it may lead, I will carry her memory with me and will forever uphold the values she instilled.

Farewell my Lady,

Prince of the Blood, Verance,Adventurer.

I have taken some time before putting my pen to parchment in an attempt to put my thoughts in order properly. A lady such as Elantara deserves a special tribute, and I wish to try to do her memory justice. My sorrow at these events is almost too much for my heart to bear. For not only have I lost the one I sought to emulate, I have also lost one of my best friends.

When she was mortal, I did not know her well, even though we followed Justice together. She was older and much more experienced than I. I do remember well when Lord Vagma seduced her away from Justice though. It caused many to rethink their reasons for being with the order. In time, I also was seduced away from Justice to join Lord Vagma...although twas Sicarius that did the seducing in my case. At that time, Lord Worcester was the Hero of Dread, and he brought me into Lord Vagma's fold posthaste.   In doing so he incurred the wrath of Jupiter. It was not a pretty sight.

Once in Dread, I encountered Lady Elantara once again, as she assumed the office of Hero of Dread. She saw into my greedy little black heart immediately, and proceeded to educate me in how to become even more Dreadful. I learned all that I needed to know at her knee, and she rewarded my faithfulness in time by allowing me to become the first female Cardinal of Dread.

While still a Hero of Dread Lady Elantara, along with her husband, Lord Worcester honoured Sicarius and I by performing our marriage ceremony. That day in particular is a proud and happy one in my memory, since it occurred nigh unto 15 Terris years ago. We were much honoured by their presence, as well as the presence of Haddion, Shilana and several other Heroes.

I witnessed the celestial occurrence that "changed" Lady Elantara and caused her to form the Temple of Opportunity and Ambition and I of course had to follow her wherever she would lead me...and she led me to the rank that I hold to this day....High Priestess. I have always tried to do this rank honour, and as long as I am allowed to hold it, I will continue to honour the rank, and Lady Elantara.

Our Lady risked all that she had, all that she was, in a completely selfless effort to free her beloved husband from Reknall's curse. That she was successful, even though it has caused her to leave us, is a shining tribute to her. Such acts of unconditional love are very rare. This was the type of woman she was. She was perhaps the sweetest, most giving person, that I have ever met, and while I mourn her loss, I cherish her memory and will continue to for the rest of my days.

I know not what will come with the future. Most of this family will go to new homes, indeed, some have already left, which is to be expected, and is completely acceptable. As ye leave though, I charge ye with one thing though....always remember.

Shining Lady Kells, Star of Opportunity

How I will miss you cannot be messured My Lady...You watched over each of us as your own.  I have never felt such warm or love from any Immortal afore ye... and know that none will come again.  I will hold my adventurer Head high for knowing and serving you MyLady, but I'll never forget you and all you did for so many. May the God's hold you always special... you are and always will be missed.

your servent in life Balder

 For many years has it been my greatest pleasure to walk in the presence of our lady Elantara , first as mortals , following Jupiter , then mortals , following lord Vagma, for twas she that both taught , and guided me in my confusion .

After her ascension to Avatar of Lore , there was a feeling within me that Dread had lost one of it's greatest resources , but realised , our hero , and lady Elantara's husband , lord Worcester , was cut from the same wise cloth , ever seeking to teach . To guide those who opened their minds to him . Under Worcester's tutelage and guidance , much was learned .

After a time , lady Elantara returned to dread , as the new hero , leaving lord Worcester to persue other interests , which eventually led him into the confrontation with Reknall . It was during this time that lady Elantara honoured both Kells and myself by agreeing to conduct our wedding ceremony , twas a heady day for all involved .

Many things happened in those years , most frightening , the day that our lady of dread dissapeared , for many hours was she missing , vanished from before my very eyes. With worry , and haste , I sought to find her hidden in the lands , perhaps captured , perhaps injured .

The constellation of opportunity appeared , and with it , our lady , reformed , perhaps even reborn , with a new vision . Upon sight of her , I feel to my knees , swearing instant fealty to the lady that had always been a mentor , and teacher to me , becoming her first follower , and one of her triad of high priests .

It is with great sorrow indeed that I must see this lady whom I have learned so much from,  known for so long, worshiped, befriended, honored and believed in, pass from these lands . Tis a great and tragic blow to befall all, and I pity those who did not know her, for there will never be another as wonderful as she.

Elantara's minister Sicarius-dracorum , Ambition's Fire